A Blue Landscape, 2019, indigo dyed salvaged textiles, soundscape, 360 x 360 x 235cm.

A Blue Landscape, 2019, is an immersive installation of used, damaged, household textiles such as clothes and bedsheets, hand dyed with plant-based indigo. This ‘frameless landscape’ draws on the painting term atmospheric perspective, where particles of water in the atmosphere affect perception, for example hills in the distance appearing as shades of blue, and so receding blues in a painting simulate this phenomenon for an illusion of depth. Textiles worn thin and discarded, are re-formed and unified with blue, offering a view on relationships between consumption, waste and landscape. A soundscape was also created for this work in collaboration with Peter Houtmeyers using sounds of space from NASA recordings,  landscape recordings by Wellisch and Houtmeyers and also some wilderness recordings taken in Tasmania by nature-sound recordist and friend, Dr Eric Fassbender.